Monday, 25 October 2010

Fangs for the necklace

It's Halloween soon!! I know it's not supposed to be that big in England but I love Halloween. With the weather as cold as it's been, I think it's good to find something to look forward to! I'm a huge horror movie fan so I usually stay in watching some old school horror but this year I've got a couple of Halloween parties to go to. I've been thinking about what to go as for a while on and off, as much as I would love to create an amazing outfit I'm afraid I don't have the time so I need to go for the easy option and buy something. I'd love to go as Freddie Kruger or a zombie cheerleader but lack the necessary make up skills to pull off the looks so I was left with three pretty easy options: Hit Girl from Kickass, Rihanna in the new video for Only Girl (hello gorgeous tutu dress!) or a vampire. 

The latter may sound like the dullest option, but not to a True Blood obsessive like me! Those of you who also love True Blood will know that Pam is the most prevalent female vampire, as Eric's right hand woman. Her style veers from all-American, preppy waspy mother to putting the vamp in vampire. Unsurprisingly, I prefer the latter for a Halloween get up.

Ever the jewellery lover, I've been searching for the perfect accessories, and discovered there are many, many Halloween suitable, True Blood inspired frankly gorgeous fang necklaces about. Here are my favourites, I think I'll go for the Mafia one though even though they're wisdom teeth rather than fangs. I think that just makes it a little creepier, muhahaha!

Mafia vamp fangs necklace - £30

Me & Zena love bites necklace - £14

Kabiri silver fang necklace



  1. I am Snooki - going for the comedic effect. Sounds like all of your choices are pretty awesome! Have a blast!

    P.S. Head over to my blog for a giveaway!

  2. What? No WendyB stake necklace?!

  3. cutieeeeeeeee

  4. These are great, but I think I prefer the Wendy Brandes vampire stake pendant!

  5. Oh the first necklace is fab! Ha I really wanted to go as zombie cheerleader too like Claire Bennet - I'm a massive Heroes geek lol. I'm thinking Vampire is a pretty good idea though especially as it's everywhere at the moment: True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc. Good luck with the outfit hunting :) x

  6. Love them, especially the 1st one :D


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