Thursday, 7 October 2010

Dune 'shoe is art' competition

I often try to explain to people that fashion is a form of art. This normally results in the rolling of eyes and looking at me like I’m a bit dim. Then I point at some Dior Couture or some beautiful shoes by Charlotte Olympia/Louboutin/Camilla Skovgaard and they tend to stop. I think shoes are a prime example. Think about the lines, curves and structure of your favourite pair of shoes. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks that fashion and art are linked, fab shoe company Dune also think so. Their Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign is themes around the notion that the ‘shoe is art’. The instore display has inspiration from pop art, cubism and even cartoons!

They are so passionate about this concept that they have a super competition running alongside their campaign. They’re looking for the most original and visually exciting artwork which represents the theme of ‘shoe is art’. It can be anything from a painting, photograph, sculture, collage..any form of art really. So budding artists, get your thinking cap on, the main prize is a very cool £10,000! Think of the shoes you could buy with that!! Click here to enter.

Submit your entry on the Dune website, at your local Dune store or send it to our Head Office at 9 Hatton Street, London NW8 8PL  | Submissions should be labeled with reference to “Shoe is Art” competition | For all correspondence relating to The Shoe is Art” competition, please address to Murilo Pissinatti at the Dune Head Office | Each submission will be issued with a receipt | Entries open on Friday 27th September and close on Sunday 8th November | Judging will be completed by 12th November | Winner announced on Friday 16th November  | Artwork displayed by Wednesday 1st December 
The panel of judges will be made up of experienced artists, academics and designers.

Register on line at
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