Friday, 24 September 2010

London Fashion Week - Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2011

I feel that I need to put in an explanation/rant before I start talking about this collection and perhaps put London Fashion Week in context. I've seen lots of tweets along the last couple of days putting LFW and London fashion in general down. Sorry to come across all Carrie Bradshaw, but I love London and nobody talks sh*t about my boyfriend..! It's not just people on Twitter, lots of the international editors miss the first couple of days of London. These people claim that London collections aren't wearable and too extreme. Putting big names like Burberry and Mulberry aside, the majority of smaller designers that I saw produced beautiful and wearable collections...look at the likes of Ashley Isham, Eun Jeong, Jena Theo and Body AMR. Before making such a sweeping statement, take an actual look. 

Is fashion all about being wearable and serious though? Are we really supposed to look forward to season after season of bland, wearable clothes?! Yes, wearable collections are important, we can't all go around dressed in a leotard made out of rubber gloves with kermit on our head like Gaga. But speaking of Gaga, isn't she named as a fashion icon on a daily basis? I don't see her wearing a DvF wrap dress or Ralph Lauren classics. She's loved for the outrage and controversy of what she wears. And guess what, she loves British designers like Charlie le Mindu and Bryce Aime. I see London as a bubbling hub of fresh talent and it's such a shame that people write it off so easily. I think the majority of designers who have made it big have been extreme and caused controversy in the past. Look at Marc Jacobs, championing the grunge look in the 90s got him sacked from Perry Ellis and McQueen earnt himself the nicknamed l'enfant terrible for his antics. 

Anywhoo off my soapbox and onto Charlie le Mindu. It's worth noting that he started his career off as a hairdresser, soon becoming a celebrity hairdresser and wig-maker. He has done hair for the likes of Peaches and Jodie Harsh, so not your average hair! He gained such a following that he collaborated with Gemma Slack on a jewellery line and produced his first collection for Autumn/Winter 2009. His collections are not very wearable, but they're fierce and they push boundaries. His Spring/Summer 2011 collection featured leopard prints, black, red, pink, flamingo influences and naked models. Controversy aside, I actually liked one of the gowns but I concede that I would probably never, ever wear it. What did you think? What do you think of London fashion? 

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