Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bag lady

I’m not normally one for bags but recently I’ve found myself a little bit obsessed. I’ve even rewritten a popular Calvin Harris song with the following lyrics: I like sachel bags, I like fringed bags, I like leather bags, I like suede bags…I like all the bags I like all the bags! I’m actually singing it in my head as I type. Do I need professional help or am I just starting to see the light?

I think women typically fall into two camps, shoe girl or bag lady. I’ve been firmly in the shoe camp for years and years. Bags are nice and all, we all need a place to put ‘stuff’ but I’d rather marvel at a pair of gorgeous platforms than the newest ‘it’ bag. I think the ‘it’ bag phenomenon was part of the problem, having one bag each season which scores of people rush to buy. Before long, it’s been copied on the highstreet and lost its appeal and you look just like everyone else. The latest in a long line of examples is the Mulberry Alexa. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous bag I’ve been into the St Christopher’s place store so many times to stroke it and admire it but everyone has it and everyone on the highstreet has their own version.

I’ve been scouring Net-a-Porter for some gorgeous bags which hopefully won’t be the new ‘it’ bag and won’t be copied all over the highstreet. I don’t think I have a bag type, I love classics like the Mulberry Bayswater, I like bowling bags and satchels, I like lots of embellishment. Which is your favourite? Or is there a super gorgeous bag out there that I’ve missed?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sophie satchel - £425

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