Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Designer look-a-like - Mulberry Alexa

When I was shopping in Oasis yesterday, I had to double take when I spotted this gorgeous inky blue sachel, which is a dead ringer for the Mulberry Alexa. I know high-street copies are very popular, who can forget the hordes of padlocked Chloe Paddingtons look-a-likes which flooded the high-street years ago?! But I don't think I could ever buy one. To me, they're almost as bad as designer rip-offs that you find on holiday. They might look like the real thing, but the bottom line is it's not. It's a cheap imitation. If I had a Mulberry Alexa, I would treasure it and probably stroke it a lot. If I had a copy, I would probably look at it and think 'you're cute, pretty close to the real thing're not'. This isn't to say that buying a look-a-like bag is wrong, the industry expects the high-street to copy clothes and accessories, it's just a personal choice. Would you buy a look-a-like bag?
Mulberry Alexa

Oasis Sasha Satchel

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