Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Anna Dello Russo's apartment

I had no idea a post on Carrie Bradshaw's apartment would be so popular! I do love the shabby chic-ness of her pre-movie apartment so much. I think in some ways I like it because it's not overly polished, it's attainable. I do also like 'grown up' apartments, one of my favourites is Anna Dello Russo's amazing apartment - it looks like a fashion museum! She actually has two, one to live in and one to store her immense clothing collection. These gorgeous images are from Jak & Jil. How stunning?!

PS - This is my first post on my new teeny, tiny, amazing Dell Inspiron Mini. Such a diddy little laptop but it does the job!


  1. I literally LOVE this women and those pics that Jak&Jil are simply great!


    I am Abimarvel.

  2. i love anna! do you know about her q&a on twitter?

  3. I Would Love An Appartment Like Hers, I Like Modern But Also With A French Chicness To It.
    I Have A Dell Too, Not The Mini Though, It Din't Come In Pink!
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  4. holy cow. that is one gorgeous gorgeous place to live in!! terribly envious. ohhh, what money can do.

  5. Oh my, yes please. I would love to create a little heaven like this - it looks beautiful doesn't it?

    Sarah Betty


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