Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shoe Crush - Finsk Ponyskin Wooden Wedges

Do you remember my slight obsession with Topshop x Ashish wedges?? I think I've found a suitable alternative...except they're twice as expensive as the extortionate eBay prices. But I may have to yield to the evil little voices in my head screaming 'buy buy buy'. My need want for platform wedges is gaining momentum but  just can't seem to find a covetable pair on the highstreet. Enter Finsk.
Julia Lundsten set up Finsk way back in 2004 and the label is known for it's innovation and architectural design. Lundsten's label has a bit of a cult following after Fashion Week collaborations with the likes of Basso & Brooke, with the black pony hair version of Finsk's wedges selling out in New York. But there is much more to this fabulous footwear label than just eyecatching design. Each pair is handmade by artisans in Brazil from locally sourced materials and even the leather is eco-friendly, all leather pieces used are by-products and offcuts. 



  1. Wow!!
    The are gorgeous! to die for!!!

  2. Wow these are fun! Great find girl! xo

  3. this is weird but i actually dreamt about wearing these shoes the other night. PURE LOVE.

  4. Love Finsk fierce! I think they're available at ASOS?!

  5. Sculptural and fabulous!


  6. If I see those on the street, I may actually squeal just a little bit (not that I would ever squeal...*ahem*).

  7. The designer is Finnish -as am I- and It's a joy to see their work being adored globally! But she is super talented!

    juliet xxx


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