Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rodarte Fall 2010

Rodarte's pretty and delecate Fall 2010 collection showed a huge evolution from their tough warrior collection shown in September. It still retained what is fast becoming a Rodarte signature - embroidered ethereal beauty, cobweb knits and sumptuous delicacy - but with a much softer aesthetic. The patchwork collection was inspired by the idea of sleepwalking, and consisted of vintage lace and floral chiffons twisted and draped, crochet and velvet, layers and trailing fabrics. Absolutely beautiful. 


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  1. wake up & smell the roses - spring is here [florals galore!] /// love <3

  2. i loveeee petticoats, see through white ones that go over a top and work with the whole 'underwear as outerwear' thing. i hope they become really popular because i found it impossible to buy one last year!


  3. That last number...WOW...Total swoonsville!


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