Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How to stay warm in the Big Freeze

For the benefit of any overseas readers, England is freezing right now! For the past couple of weeks, temperatures have been subzero and the country has ground to a halt with public transport systems and airports facing huge delays or closing alltogether. Snow, ice, arctic winds...this country just isn't equipped to deal with it. It's been a struggle just to keep warm, and style-wise it's all gone out of the window. I don't have sensible shoes with enough grip to cope with ice, I don't have thermals. I've been looking like the Mitchelin man I've had so many layers on. 3 tops under a jumper, two cardigans over 2 tshirts, 2 pairs of tights and socks..this is taking layering to extremes! 

Having perused some of my favourite street style blogs, I feel much more inspired to take on the cold weather without piling on half my wardrobe!   


Boots may seem like the sensible option, they certainly are the most efficient way of keeping warm. 

 But some shoes are far too pretty to be neglected til Summer! Tight are an obvious answer, but I'm going to try socks over coloured tights and patterned tights over plain tights. Every layer helps. 


Warm coats are an absolute must. This sheepskin coat looks wonderfully cosy and warm, I've not seen any in the shops but the second I do I'm snapping it up! Hoods are optional.
Coats and jackets don't have to be an annoying necessity which cover up your statement pieces, they can be the statement.


I've always been a fan of layering, but for the past week or so my layering has been crazy and haphazardous at the best of times. The complete opposite end of the spectrum to the urban cool of Rick Owens or Alexander Wang! 

Sometimes dresses are too tempting to leave in the wardrobe and too pretty to cover up.

Mix up textures and layers

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