Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ethical...and warm!

Little known fact about me: I used to be vegetarian. To those who know me now and didn't know me then, that's a hilarious thought. But it's true, I was vegetarian. But I didn't draw the line at not eating meat, I became slightly obsessed with animal rights and became fully cruelty free. I stopped buying leather or anything made out of animal skin and refused to use cosmetics made by companies who were known to test on animals. It was really, really hard, ethical fashion ain't easy! That was 6 years ago and there weren't really that many ethical companies, I basically bought my smellies from The Body Shop and didn't buy new clothes! I even sold my leather jacket and most of my leather/suede shoes. These days it's a lot easier. People Tree's fairtrade designs are available in Topshop, Edun is loved my celebrities and even Primark sells organic tees. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not easy, but it's easier at least there are options. The hardest thing I always found were the shoes, which is why I was thrilled when eco-friendly shoe company Simple sent me some lovely boots. Simple make sustainable, eco-friendly and most importantly comfy shoes. They have been an absolute godsend during the snowy, icy conditions in Britain! Now, the little tinkers weren't exactly straightforward when sending me my gorgeous boots. I actually received one of my boots and someone else's boot! We eventually tracked each other down and arranged to get our rightful shoe back via Send Social.
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