Thursday, 17 December 2009

Baby it's c-c-cold outside!

Ok so Winter has officially arrived in the UK! Most of the country was a-twitter about the snow and ice and frost and general coldness, my car kindly told me it was -3 Celsius!! I have officially given up wearing peep toes, functionality is more important than cold toes!! I just want to curl up and hibernate until Spring but unfortunately the show must go on and I have to leave the house on a daily basis! I'm so stocking up on some lovely winter warmers to get me through the subzero conditions. The upside to this sub-zero weather is definitely the accessorising! Scarves I love a chunky soft scarf. I love them even better if they have gloves or a hat attached. Multitasking at it's best! Hats My mum always lectured me in the importance of keeping my head warm. Knitted headbands appeal to me much more than hats, unless they're deer stalkers! Gloves/Armwarmers/Mittens/Mufflers I think gloves are pretty boring to be honest, which is why I prefer arm warmers. They have a little more personality and keep me warm while allowing me to play with my iPhone :D Mittens are uber-cute though, I love a good mitten. Mufflers are just too amazing, not enough places sell them! * All these are available at ASOS
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