Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Sartorialist Book Signing - London

Living and working outside of London makes attending events on a 'school night' pretty much no go, but I had to make an exception for The Sartorialist book signing. Arguably one of the most influential style bloggers, it seemed inevitable that he would release a book. The Sartorialist is often described as a 'fashion blog', but I would describe it more as style. More often than not, it's not about Vogue inspired, cutting edge fashion. It's more about how real people wear things and the details, patterns and textures. When I got to Libertys, the queue was absolutely mental. In fact, there were so many people there that Libertys had run out of books! Apparently someone was running to Waterstones to get more. I was meeting the lovely and hilarious Frankie of Swell Vintage at the signing, so discreetly joined her in the queue. She had got there ages before me and was so close we could see the man himself chatting away. I was panicking slightly about not having a book, but some more arrived just in the nick of time!
Wondering why his champagne glass is empty
Soon it was our turn! As if I wasn't nervous enough, after shaking my hand, Scott Schuman told me I'[m beautiful! Highly doubtful, as I had been up for about 15 hours by then and my make up had slid off my face but it was sweet nonetheless. Frankie and I both thought that he was lovely, very friendly, dapper and a complete gentleman. It was well worth the hour and a half it took to get into London and to get back home. The one upside to the journey; I was able to devour the book from cover to cover on the train home :) Reena xx PS - LFW posts and pictures up soon, need to sift through my hundreds of pictures and find a moment to jot down the madness which occurred.
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