Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bryce D'anice Aime Spring Summer 2010

Sometimes it's good to know people, and sometimes it's absolutely amazing to know the right people! Daniella is lovely and sweet and just so happens to work for Bryce D'anice Aime, and she is an absolute angel as she sent me a couple of tickets to the show at London Fashion Week. I took along Gemma from Retrochick who was almost as excited as I was. It was a packed show, the queue was huge and I have absolutely no idea how they fit everyone into the room! This was one of my favourite shows, I looove the super sexy silhouette and the amazing shapes. The inspiration was "50’s Parisian Chic combining classic with futuristic body con structure", it was a very directional collection. The colours were fairly neutral, mostly blacks and golds, but there was the odd flash of red and some shimmer to keep it interesting. Bryce's trademark tailoring combined with strong shoulders and mesh panelling made for some very hot looks. In short, an amazing collection and I would beg/borrow/steal/barter/sell a kidney for some of the dresses! Photos are courtesy of the lovely Hugh O'Malley, a very talented fashion and beauty photographer.
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