Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Blind Date!

So...I kinda know this photographer who asked a favour of me. He works at Asiana magazine and they have this double page blind date spread, would I be interested in being in it? Snap decision was made, day off was booked and the date occurred yesterday. Not your average blind date though, there was a make up artist (good) and stupid photographer who wanted all these cheesy posed photos (bad)! Just kidding S, the photos were actually quite fun, I hope they turn out well. The date was actually late (clearly doesn't know who I am!!!) so I sat with S and he was fascinated by my jewellery and shoes. Unfortunately he only captured my rings and a little arm candy, not all of it though. His picture of my shoes, which S branded 'stripper shoes', absolutely sucked so I took my own when I got home. No way are they stripper shoes! Unfortunately no pics of my complete outfit, will ask S very kindly if he could send a couple. Went for a bright red Primarni dress. Oh...and I will be in the September issue if you want to read all about it properly :)
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