Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Black Rats & Picasso

Oh about a million years ago, I tweeted about going to visit the Picasso exhibit. I was totally underwhelmed, my 4 year old neice does scribbles too! But I had a great day, I took in loads of culture and acted like a complete and utter tourist in Trafalgar Square. In a hot outfit...so it doesn't matter how stupid I was acting ;) Whilst being unemployed, I rediscovered the wonders of eBay, I have no idea why I ever stopped eBaying it's a treasure trove of loveliness!! The entire outfit I'm wearing is eBayed, from head to toe. Apart from the jacket and bag...!

Shoes - Asos on eBay Leggings - Faux Black Rats on eBay Tee - Topshop on eBay Jacket- River Island Bag - Thrifed Louis Vuitton!

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