Saturday, 25 April 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M Preview

Last week, my fabulous friend Lucie kindly invited me to the Matthew Williamson for H&M preview. Unfortunately I couldn't attend, but she has written a wee round up of the night. To read more of her fantastic fashion writing, visit her Mode Pass page.

Despite nearly half a decade of collaborations between H&M and star designers, I’ve always refused to wake-up early on the launch day and queue for hours to find out that the dress I wanted was already sold out. On Wednesday evening, the H&M flagship store on Regent Street organised a preview of its collaboration with Matthew Williamson, and I managed to get invitations. For me, invites (wrongly) mean no waiting, so I turned up at 6:30 pm on the dot, with a friend, to see a line of people wrapped round the block.
Rather than queuing, we decided to first go to Liberty and check out the current Matthew Williamson collection. 45 min later, the queue was just going round Banana Republic so we decided to join. Which is when we saw him, bright-blue trousers, white tee and navy blazer, Matthew Williamson was talking to his fans. He signed autographs, let security take his pictures with some girls, apologised for the queue and generally thanked everyone for coming. He was really nice.

Meanwhile, a quick chat with a member of security revealed that the collection was (already) victim of its success, and that the length of the queue was due to the fact that nearly everyone with an invite turned up. 1000 invites for two sent, do that maths, it’s a lot of people.
Once inside, there was bubbly and nibbles for everyone and music by the Voguettes in an absolutely packed H&M floor. When we got in at 7:45 pm, the key pieces such as the peacock dress, the green and blue handbag, the studded belts and the printed scarf were already sold out. Many items were only left in extreme sizes. As I write this, two hours before the actual launch, the “Matthew Williamson H&M” search on Ebay already counts 27 results. A sales assistant assured us that they were going to get another delivery in this morning, so if you are planning on going, all is not lost.
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