Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm back!!

Phewwww I am so exhausted from Madrid, I had a fantastic time it was the most awesome holiday ever. Lots of naughty hi-jinx, have had to set up a closed group on Facebook to share some of the racier images :D We've all taken hundreds of images though, finding it a bit hard to share them. I thought Flickr would be good but you have a monthly allowance of 100mb...I've taken 500 photos so it's not quite enough. If any of you have any bright ideas, give me a shout! Also had the interview on Tuesday, the day after I returned. It was with Arcadia Group, as a marketing assistant! I was so nervous, my interview ended up being twice as long as the other girls though so I thought that was a good sign. But, they decided not to give me the job. They absolutely loved me, said that personalitywise I was spot on and my knowledge of fashion was amazing, as were my ideas for the brand. But I was overqualified with too much experience!! I'm so gutted, and experiencing very anti-Arcadia feelings right now!! But maybe it just wasn't meant to be, something better will be around the corner I'm sure.... Being jobless, I can't quite stretch my budget to take advantage of the following sale flyer :( But I'm hoping it will come in useful for some of you lovely bloggers! I used to work at Beatrix Ong, back in my uni days when the store was in Primrose Hill. You can now find them in Burlington Arcade in Mayfair or online. Ohhh you must take print the flyer off it's not being advertised online or in-store. Let me know if you buy anything!
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