Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Wanderer Returns...

Ok so I've been conspicuously absent since LFW, sincerest apologies. My reasons are two-fold, most of you know about the job situation. I've officially been made redundant now, subsequently I've been going mental trying to find a new job. Not an easy task with hundreds of people all applying for the same jobs :( All happened so quickly and unexpectedly, I don't really have a game plan..toyed with working freelance, getting a permanent job and even going abroad. But mostly been stressing! Second reason is 'blogger burnout', I've totally cut down on looking at fashion stuff on t'internet and I didn't want to put up half arsed posts for the sake of it. Seem's like I'm not the only one though, there's a great post on IFB Forums and I really am trying to snap out of it! I've already started, by updating my Model of the Month (left) and random bits and pieces that I'm coveting, those Dune boots are on sale by the way! Model of the Month this month is Lily Donaldson, who triumphed at Milan Fashion Week. Milan was all about the established models, with newbies hardly getting a look-in. Anja Rubik opened for Fendi and opened and closed for Gucci, Natasha Poly opened for Cavalli and Blumarine and closed for Allessandro Dell'Acqua and Dolce & Gabbana. They were no match for our Lily though, who opened and closed for Versace and had the final looks for Alberta Ferretti and D&G. Good to see one of my favourite models doing her thing! Lily Donaldson Natasha Poly Talking of Milan, I know my absence has affected coverage of Milan and also Paris. I'm sure most of you eager fashionistas have devoured images already so I'm not going to repost images you've seen. Instead, I've got some cute backstage pictures coming in the next couple of days, along with posts on mary-janes, vintage dresses and a totally EPIC Fashion Fix. Looks like my fashion muse has struck, finally!
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