Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Toughening up a Pretty Dress

Sometimes a dress is too pretty to be left on the hanger, even if you have nothing to do except run errands. I like to think of it as liberating certain items of my wardrobe! My Victoriana boots and plain black cardi were the perfect casual everyday items to compliment my blue/green satin dress. I've gotta say, it's so much more fun running errands in a pretty dress than a casual jersey dress! Do you dress items down so you can wear them more casually?
Primark Dress Primark Cardigan M&S Victoriana Boots
Thanks to the lovely Ida of Rouge Marie, a long-standing blogger friend, who has nudged me back into outfit posts. As the blog has evolved, outfit posts have become less frequent...I always intend to bring them back, I just needed someone to give me a little push! x
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