Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mid-season sales...already?!

I've taken to mooching in town instead of living the life of a recluse, after spending an entire week without leaving the house I thought I better rejoin the human race!! Anyway, my mooching and window shopping was interrupted by the obligatory bright red sale signs, declaring that it was time for mid-season sales. Is it just me, or are the mid-season sales ridiculously early?! I mean the Christmas sales draaaagged on til the February, and barely a month on the sales have started again! Retailers are no doubt having a hard time, trying to succumb people to part with their hard-earned cash, as they keep an eye on profits and their bottom line. I'm not buying this strategy, it didn't make much of a difference last year and it won't this year! More long-term thinking is needed, rather than a constant sales culture that they are breeding. It just devalues their non-sale offer! Oh and while I'm lamenting the state of the retail industry, can someone please give me either a job or money so I can take advantage of the current situation?! Well, someone's gotta help support the economy ;) Most high street retailers already have their sales on, except H&M, Topshop and New Look. Here are my top picks from Oasis & Warehouse (good quality = good investment!) if you're feeling particularly patriotic and want to do your bit to help our retailers! Oh and Miss Selfridge has some awesome pieces on sale, particularly denim.
Warehouse Blue Ditsy Off-Shoulder Top - £25
Warehouse Pilgrim Apron Check Dress - £20 Warehouse Crystal Aztec Dress - £40 Oasis Pintuck Full Skirt - £10 Oasis Arthouse Print Shift Dress - £50
Oasis One Shoulder Ruffle Dress - £20
Oasis Asymmetric Mesh Trim Dress - £40
Oasis Drop Waisted Floral Cami - £25
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