Friday, 13 February 2009

What do you wear to a fashion show?

As the Fashion Weeks approach, I’m pretty content to pour over the pictures and videos and occasionally drift into daydreams of being invited to the front row of Balmain, Chanel or Balenciaga…probably like many of you. Although, fabulous as Paris is for the big names and haute shows, I’m quite keen on the London scene for it’s support of young designers. With most of our home grown talent being poached by big international names (John Galliano par example), fresh talent is essential. Luckily, London seems to be teeming with inspired designers – Louise Goldin, Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh to name but four designers who have come into their own over the last couple of years.

Needless to say, it’s pretty damn tough to get an invite to a show, especially for bloggers, the fashion world doesn’t seem to take too kindly to us, unless you’re a Rockstar like Susie Bubble. Which is why I was so surprised to see an invite to a genuine Fashion Week show! The very kind invitation comes from Andrew Majtenyi, and I have had a big grin on my face since Thursday :) But…it also provides me with a dilemma: what does one wear to a fashion show?! Not wanting to be either a. that overdressed twat, or b. that underdressed urchin, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time pondering my clothing dilemma and pouring over front row pictures.

While there don’t seem to be any strict hard and fast rules, there are some common sense points, so I’ve come up with the Fashion Daydreams Rough Guide to Fashion Week Dressing: 1. Wear the designer, if possible

2. Dress well (obviously!) but effortlessly chic rather than try hard

3. Go smart-casual (I hate that term), unless it’s an evening show, where you can afford to dress up a bit more

4. You can’t go wrong in black, fashion editor’s colour of choice

Of course, the secret 5th rule is that no one cares! Unless you’re Emma Watson or Alexa Chung, your outfit will be forgotten as soon as it’s seen. I’m trying to console myself with this thought while I try to decide what to wear. Deciding on what to wear for the after show party was a doddle though, I’ve been eyeing up a fabulous bandage dress on The Urban Collection for a couple of weeks now. I snapped it up after a quick double check with the wonderful Dree, who has assured me that it will reach me on time and has even sent it priority to make sure.

Another fabulous event I’m very much looking forward to is the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Dress Up Soiree. We’re uniting to show the fashion world that we bloggers can do it too! Is anyone else going to this? It poses another clothing dilemma, But I’m sure fashion bloggers will be a much kinder crowd ;)



  1. I don't know what i would wear, but I would def go crazy shopping.

  2. Hi there-Hope you have a fantastic time at both events, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!

  3. thank you honey :)
    ahhh fashion week! hope you have a fabulous time lovely, your so lucky!! try to dress effortless but still chic...maybe a nice top/blouse with a bandage skirt, heels/wedges with a clutch? good luck!!


  4. I say go with black because you can't go wrong, and if it's cold then black pants a tank and a fitted blazer. That's all you ever really need...haha!

  5. wow sounds like an exciting event! and the invitation is so sweet :)

    ♥ R

  6. I'd love to go to a show! Unfortunately, Mississippi does not provide any opportunities for such. You've got great tips there, and any suggestion I'd give would fall under one of them. That's a great dress, and have fun, lucky girl!

  7. Argh wish I was well enough to go to the IFB event! So looking forward to see what you decide to wear for the show :)

  8. Congrats on the invite. The fashion shows that I have been to, I have always worn something nice, but not too nice. Always attending as press, I have to dress more like it's a job, rather than I am a guest. But it is nerveracking selecting an outfit!

    and do I see lily Allen in the front row there?! I love her!

  9. cool congrats on the invite.
    i don't live in london but that independent fashion blogger thing loooks so interesting. is it invitation only?

  10. Wow that's so amazing you were invited to a designer's show! I'm sure that whatever you wear it will be completely appropriate and look great. I wish I could go to the blogger thing, but being on the complete other side of the world poses a problem.

  11. congrats for the invite. i can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. congrats for the invite. i can't wait to hear all about it!

  13. Hi there, I've just discovered your blog, and I had to post to say how good it is. Like you, I'm really into high fashion, but unlike you, I'm not so knowledgeable and I don't translate it so well into what I wear in everday life. You seem like you have a great sense of style. I look forward to reading your future posts - especially the ones where you show off your styling! :)

  14. Wow lucky you, I am sure you'll come up with something. The IFB event sounds like so much fun, pity i am in Birmingham and have work. Next time...I hope!

  15. hello!!!
    I really love you're blog.
    it's really funny and good looking.
    good luck for the next articles.

    Kiss Bye ^^

    ps:sorry if my english is not as good as yours, it's because I'm French.

  16. Dear Fashion daydreams,
    Today I have given you an award and tagged you my blog.
    You deserve, your blog is fabulous!!!!

  17. Congrats on the fashion show invite! I think a good way not to look overdressed but still stand out of the crowd is to wear something in a classic shape but in a bright, attention-grabbing colour.

  18. I wil lwear crazy heels & a HUGE skirt! Hahaha

  19. Congratulations on the invites! I think such events are a wonderful chance to wear something glam but of course without overdoing it.

  20. congrats on the score! i love your pictures, especially the editorial ones, keeps everyone up to date on whats up in that rarified fashion world.
    cheers and keep blogging!
    andrea xooxx
    Life In Technicolor

  21. I would choose a black outfit, something like Celine from Vogue

  22. Hi, tomorrow I(!!) am going to a Fashion Show. I'm gonna wear: a black skinny jeans, high black heels, a basic black shirt with a black/white Chanel strap, a Louis Vuitton scarf (darkblue with a little gold) and a Chanel bag all black with a white Chanel sign.


  23. i have a similer dilemma, i am flabbergasted as to what to wear to the 'one woman one man' show, on the monday of fashion week,
    it's this years 'your label' (the bbc funded youth label) and it's at 6.30, is that evenign or what? it's in the smaller of the two fashion week venues, so it's probably not that bigger show, i'm a sixteen year old girl and really don't know what to wear, i want to wear this cute like plum mini dress i have with flapper fringing round the bottom and soem beadign at the top but other than that it's plain sort of loose shift dress, with some black suade 50's style heels with a little bow and my punky retro black denim cavalli jacket, but i don't know if this is slightly overdressed for such a small show? and do i have to change for the aftershow party?

  24. Not exactly helpful. I am a model & i have no idea what to wear to a fashion show i have been invited too.

  25. oh wow! congratz on your invite! teehee...i'm somewhat excited myself. I've been invited as well this saturday WITH the business i'm working with. to be honest, this is my first time attending such an event like this - and my first step into the fashion industry. i really want to go, but lost in thoughts in what to wear. can't afford designer, and not blessed with "aa-oo-gah!" legs (so must have them covered). In fact, thinking about it now on how difficult it is to decide what to wear; i think i might just back out after all D:

    anyhow, i did what any girl whose out on ideas would do - google it! and i came across you. so glad i did, as well...your guide seems simple alls left to do, but raid my cupboard (though to be honest, i have this horrible habit of spending, so i may just raid the shops :S) so thank you!

    oh and P.S: if you can, could you give me a few tips on what i can do to cover my legs?? i don't usually like wearing something fitting, simply because i don't have long, slender legs...and i just don't like them very much. any help, is very much appreciated!


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