Friday, 13 February 2009

What do you wear to a fashion show?

As the Fashion Weeks approach, I’m pretty content to pour over the pictures and videos and occasionally drift into daydreams of being invited to the front row of Balmain, Chanel or Balenciaga…probably like many of you. Although, fabulous as Paris is for the big names and haute shows, I’m quite keen on the London scene for it’s support of young designers. With most of our home grown talent being poached by big international names (John Galliano par example), fresh talent is essential. Luckily, London seems to be teeming with inspired designers – Louise Goldin, Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh to name but four designers who have come into their own over the last couple of years.
Needless to say, it’s pretty damn tough to get an invite to a show, especially for bloggers, the fashion world doesn’t seem to take too kindly to us, unless you’re a Rockstar like Susie Bubble. Which is why I was so surprised to see an invite to a genuine Fashion Week show! The very kind invitation comes from Andrew Majtenyi, and I have had a big grin on my face since Thursday :) But…it also provides me with a dilemma: what does one wear to a fashion show?! Not wanting to be either a. that overdressed twat, or b. that underdressed urchin, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time pondering my clothing dilemma and pouring over front row pictures.
While there don’t seem to be any strict hard and fast rules, there are some common sense points, so I’ve come up with the Fashion Daydreams Rough Guide to Fashion Week Dressing: 1. Wear the designer, if possible
2. Dress well (obviously!) but effortlessly chic rather than try hard
3. Go smart-casual (I hate that term), unless it’s an evening show, where you can afford to dress up a bit more
4. You can’t go wrong in black, fashion editor’s colour of choice
Of course, the secret 5th rule is that no one cares! Unless you’re Emma Watson or Alexa Chung, your outfit will be forgotten as soon as it’s seen. I’m trying to console myself with this thought while I try to decide what to wear. Deciding on what to wear for the after show party was a doddle though, I’ve been eyeing up a fabulous bandage dress on The Urban Collection for a couple of weeks now. I snapped it up after a quick double check with the wonderful Dree, who has assured me that it will reach me on time and has even sent it priority to make sure.
Another fabulous event I’m very much looking forward to is the Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Dress Up Soiree. We’re uniting to show the fashion world that we bloggers can do it too! Is anyone else going to this? It poses another clothing dilemma, But I’m sure fashion bloggers will be a much kinder crowd ;)
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