Friday, 27 February 2009

London Fashion Week Fall 2009

Fashion Week has arrived! Mademoiselle Robot kindly gave me her invite to the Ashish show, which is how I found myself queuing up down a side street with some rather fabulous young things on Friday. Anticipation was building; I could overhear several people talking about the playful, fun nature of previous collections. I found myself pulling the oversize cardboard ticket out of my bag…it looked like a ticket for a carnival or circus. This theme continued inside the venue, with an acrobatic circus performer keeping the growing crowd amused, before VV Brown strutted on stage to cue the beginning of the show.  

And what a show it was; a riot of colour and sequins, clashing neons and animal print. Texture, circus-inspired neons and of course sequins were three of the staple themes of the collection. The first few looks were very full on and took a little getting used to, to be honest. Neon green and pink Sprouse-esque leopard print coupled with a sequin skirt and pink zebra print leggings isn’t the most wearable of outfits! But, deconstruct the outfit into individual pieces and it starts to look a lot more wearable. The light-hearted, witty pieces are definitely very

After seeing the show first hand, it’s very easy to understand the hype which built up in the queue. Ashish’s Fall 2009 collection literally dazzled, the circus/carnival theme suddenly seems like a no-brainer antidote to the muted, sombre tones seen in some other Fall collections. Reminiscent of Miu Miu’s Harlequin collection but a lot more fun and playful, I’m really hoping that I’ll see some high-street interpretations in the likes of Topshop et al come September.

The second show I attended was Andrew Majtenyi at the Canadian High Commission. The fabulous champagne reception in the decadent surroundings certainly set the tone for the elegant show. The highlight of London Fashion Week, for me at least, was the IFB Dress Up Soiree. It was brilliant to meet up with so many bloggers and put a face to the blogs I’ve read for so long. A big thank you to Jennine and Laetitia for all organising an amazing evening!

Gemma from Retrochick & Frankie from Swell vintage

Forgotten your name! Email me! I do remember your studying at Cordwainers...! The Vivien of Holloway girls Gemma of Retrochick
The crowd (including Mademoiselle Robot in green) gathers for Agent Lynch.  

And finally, yours truly! Topshop lace bolero, H&M vest top, Lungta De Fancy skirt, Barratts shoes. Big cheesy grin is all my own!
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