Thursday, 1 January 2009

Count your blessings, cut your losses...Happy New Year!

I hope you gorgeous fashionistas had a fabulous NYE wherever you ended up celebrating. The below pictures are of Sydney, London, Edinburgh and Naples, I'm a sucker for fireworks. As the new year approaches, many people choose to reflect on the past year and weigh up the good and bad. This year, I've been working on counting my blessings and being grateful for what I have, life isn't about regrets or what if's. The past year, and particularly the last week, have been tougher than I could have imagined. But I, like you, have made it through and I think we should all be grateful for having the strength to battle through the hard times and adversity's we've faced. Here's to a bigger, better year full of endless possibilities =)
new years eve NYE 2008 2009 There have been very few outfit pictures of late, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my camera which takes approximately 4 pictures per battery! But, I've found a newer, smaller, better and prettier one which shall be purchased very soon. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of what I wore today though. The cardigan is incredibly cosy but the fur gets on everything. You do not want to see what it did to my car seats! Oh and I'm loving the zip detail on the back of my new sale leggings. They were supposed to be petite, petite my ass...I'm 5ft7 and they fit me perfectly! Fluffy cardigan tshirt dress and leggingszip leggings

Cardigan - Monsoon Tshirt dress - Primark Leggings - ASOS Belt - Vintage Oh and this is what I've been busy doing since Boxing Day ;) Beaucoup de outfit posts come with the new camera. Best buy so far is an amazingly soft black leather jacket. I know it's wrong to love an item of clothing but I don't care it's beautiful!

sales shopping* Source BBC
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