Friday, 12 December 2008

Shopaholic's Retail Therapy!

Christmas has officially made me flip...I've gone shopping mad. Bought yet another dress for the party and two more pairs of absolutely stunning shoes! Still in a dilemma about the dress, had a wee argument with one of the managers about our Christmas Do being so formal and dressed up. Anywhoo, I do love the Dorothy Perkins dress, I do. But I'm just not convinced on the fit of it..... blue dorothy perkins dress
Dress - Dorothy Perkins Shoes - Primarni
So I bought this dress! Which fits a lot better, and has straps so I'll feel more secure when making shapes on the dance floor. I feel a bit Beyonce in it, pre-fashionista era. What's up with her wearing skin tight PVC jumpsuits and Gareth Pugh these days? She should just stick to being a glamazon, suits her better. blue lipsy dress
Dress - Lipsy Shoes - Primarni
So anyway, enough about B. I was on a real roll with the shopping thus far and thought it would be foolish to stop. I mean sure it's the season for giving and all, but...if you don't love yourself who will?! So I think I deserved a treat....or 5 ;o) black court shoes purple rose

stud shoes rodarte black

Shoes - Barratts

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