Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Long girly weekend

So...I took two days off and spend a ridiculous amount of time driving far 'Oop North' to see much cherished people who I don't see enough. Had a fabulously girly weekend - there was chocolate cake for breakfast, hair dying and many, many girly movies. And of course a fab night out with my newly shortened dress (below). Learnt a lot over the weekend, such as...
- Northerners cannot speak English, it's laUGHing not laffin'
- It's bloody cold up there, like a different climate
- The girls don't feel the cold and are practically naked even in the daytime! - There are enough clothes to dress a small nation in my car boot - My faux-ver the knee boots are ridiculously comfy and warm
- Northerners don't know about vodka jelly, and they are seriously missing out
- Tequila rose. Best.Shot.Ever!
- Random props make for good photos (or is it just me) - Hair dye can go wrong, 'iced brown' can in fact be black. But live with it and work it! And to the dress....
The long version of the dress, not a fan so I shortened it!

Et voila! Excuse the stupid look on my face, one too many vodka jellies and other alcoholic concoctions!

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