Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Fashion Daydreams Fabulous Fashion Gift Guide

Twinkly lights? Green & red everywhere? Smell of mulled wine in the air? Yes, it's Christmas!! I'm one of those psychotic people who thinks about Christmas in November, and of course my presents are almost all wrapped and under the tree. I'm the youngest in the family you see..well that's my excuse anyway ;) But...I do realise that not everyone is super organised, I've even heard of some people leaving it til *shock horror* Christmas Eve!!! With that in mind, I've put together a fabulous gift guide. My top tip is to avoid things that you think they will like and go for the things that love but haven't got round to buying. Things that make amazing gifts but you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself.
Loungewear This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Every girl likes pjs or loungewear, or at least needs it. I'm a total fiend for the stuff, two bulging drawers and I'm constantly buying more. The best place on the high street is La Senza, they have everything from cute eye masks to cosy pjs and sexy silk nighties. David & Goliath are serious competition though, with their witty slogans and cute cartoons. ASOS and Dorothy Perkins have also got some great stuff, my awesome yeti boots are from Dotty Ps and I love them!
Bags & Accessories I'm not a bag lady, in fact I am loathed to buy bags. The zip on my current bag is actually broken but I don't have the time or willing to trawl the shops for a new bag. So Santa take note, bags are a good option! Can be a bit tricky to get right I would generally opt for some nice jewels or a belt. My go-to destination is ASOS, so many different styles and brands in the same place. And I'm still enamoured with all things noir, but perk them up a bit with a touch of gold.
Snugglies My name for the things that make winter warm and snuggly:scarves, hats, gloves. They're always a welcome gift come winter. I would go for mismatching and clashy separates rather than a boring matching set. And look out for textures, pom poms, cable knits and the softest wool. The highstreet have great options, from Topshop to New Look, and at the risk of sounding boring and repetitive ASOS!
Books No wait don't fall asleep! These are the fabulous books that you really wish you had but can't really buy for yourself. I'm not sure why you wouldn't buy them yourself, but my colleague H totally agrees with this sentiment, which is why we've bought a couple of these books for other people. H is actually going to receive one of them tomorrow...I had a wee word with her Secret Santa at work to make sure she finally gets something she really, really wants.
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