Thursday, 4 December 2008

Black Tie Christmas Party

I don't do dressing up, I'm a casual chic kinda gal. Layers are my friend and formal is my foe. So what's a girl to do when it's announced that the Christmas Party shall be a black tie affair?! Well, I buried my head in the sand until a week before the party...while all the other girls rushed around places like Reiss and Karen Millen buying up the perfect little prom dresses and cocktail dresses and deciding on how to match with their partner (yuck). Eventually I found a dress which I like, not too sure if it's formal enough for this whole black tie mallark.... PS - No real idea about the shoes..but I'm pleased that I resisted my natural urges to pair the dress with ankle boots. *must think black tie, must think black tie...*

black tie christmas party * Source Google Images, Asos, Dorothy Perkins

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