Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Soo Many Boots, So Little Time... during lunch hour is never ideal. The constant time pressure plays havoc with a girl's judgement, I'm always buying things I shouldn't and leave stuff that I should. Ok, ok, I rarely leave things, lunchtime mantra is 'if in doubt, buy'! But I came away with two pretty hot pairs of boots today. I didn't actually have any back boots (shocking I know!) so pretty damn happy with these hot ankle boots and faux-ver the knee boots (almost over the knee boots but not quite). Anyway, I decided to wear the same outfit with both literally make SO much difference to an outfit! Which do you like best?

Boots - Both Primarni Shorts - Primarni Jumper - Zara Skirt - Topshop Jumper - Sydney store Dress - New Look

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