Thursday, 13 November 2008

La Rendezvous

I debated writing this, as you never know who may be watching/reading (i.e. The Boy). But hey, who cares, my blog, my life right?! So anyway, as part of the '4 things' tag, I eluded to a rendezvous on Saturday. It was a kinda-sorta-date. So I met up with this guy, nothing major, just grabbed a milkshake then head to a bar for a more grown up kinda beverage. All very nice, very low key. It was a very stylish affair though, the guy (let's call him A) certainly knows how to dress, not to mention completely adorable. As for me, judge for yourselves! I'm taking this 'more outfit pics' thing very seriously...

Jumper - Topshop Skirt - Topshop Waist Belt - shop in Sydney Shoes - Dune

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