Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kanye West Glow in the Dark Tour '08!

Should have been awesome, bought the tickets WAY back got everything sorted, booked the day off and everything. But in typical me fashion, the concert couldn't happen without a hitch. After a looong drive to SE London, I grabbed a quick bite to eat in Nandos, little did I know the consequences of eating there! So fast forward a couple of hours where I'm standing with my friends right infront of the stage, discussing who's going to be supporting Kanye and how awesome the show's gonna be. Cue awful, horrible stomach pains and an overwhelming urge to throw up. Attractive...! Fast forward another couple of hours and I walk out because I just can't take it anymore :( Sad times, but I did see most of it, and it was aweeeesome! Here's the proof...
And I even took pics of my outfit! Am promising lots more outfit posts as I've been very lacking in that department!

Top - Mango Dress - shop in Barcelona Leggings - Primarni Boots - Vintage

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