Sunday, 16 November 2008

Here Come The Girls....

Oooh yes it was ladies night on Saturday! Well, we had one male gatecrash but I like to call him Token (as in our token gay) so I guess he's allowed! We went for a delicious meal where the wine flowed very freely and headed off to a few bars for cocktails before hitting a club. Safe to say we were tipsy by the time we left the restaurant, so it was most definately a good night! Cut to the end of the night, too raucous to get picked up by a cab we had to walk about half an hour to our hotel, but hey, we were too drunk to feel the cold so it doesn't really matter. Outfitwise, decided on a pretty simple with a slight hint at the 80s...I absolutely adore this high waisted sequin mini!

Top - H&M Skirt - H&M Shoes - Dune

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