Thursday, 11 September 2008

Musical interlude

A wee break from the comings and goings during New York Fashion Week, thanks to the wonderful Dapper Kid. The stylish one has very sweetly tagged me for a little musical interlude. "Post a song/or part of a song that represents you, or part of you" As well as fashion, I'm passionate about music (and movies for that matter). It's hard to pick one song that represents me, as it's very dependant on my mood. I have approximately 4,641 'favourite ever' songs! So I'm going to pick a song that reflects my current mood: Ciara - My love. I don't think Ciara ever released it, I can't find a proper video for it. But it's my song at the moment, the lyrics really sum up what I'm feeling - "Boy you had a keeper, didn't know how to treat her, should have felt a little deeper, and now you're gonna miss my love".
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