Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Oh Carine, how I worship thee...

I don't think there's a fashionista out there who doesn't secretly want to be Carine Roitfeld. Sure Ms Wintour might have had a movie and book based on her, but the insanely chic Parisian wins hands down in my book. Who wants the weird razor-sharp-bob-and-sunglasses combination when you can have sexy almost-bedhead and smoky eyes?! Oh and she hates bags, like me! Model, stylist, muse, editor...Carine's done it all and she's bloody good at it too. The Boy is sick of hearing me say: "If anyone ever asks you, French Vogue is the best right? And Carine's a genius". I'm pretty sure he just switches off when I start talking about how Carine never compromises fashion as a consumer product, French Vogue still treats fashion as art. I could bore you to death too, but I'll let the pictures do the talking... * Source Jak & Jill, The Sartorialist
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