Saturday, 23 August 2008

hable español?

I'm going AWOL again guys! I'm off to Barcelona for a girly holiday. I speak no Spanish whatsoever so it should be interesting to say the least!! It's all booked but whether I'll actually get there is another matter...packing is not going well at all everything seems essential or too cute to leave behind. I've only got hand luggage allowance so I've got to squeeze everything into a teeny case. Can you actually see the case under that mountain of clothes?! I've also got to plan a hot outfit for tonight, I'm going out to celebrate one of my best friend's engagements very briefly before going to bed to catch my early flight.
Oh and I'm not leaving you in the lurch! I've scheduled some posts so keep checking back! Should be something brand new to read everyday :)
Some of the beautiful sights in Barcelona. I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful Gaudi architecture, the beach and of course the shops!!
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