Saturday, 12 July 2008

That Sunday feeling

I love Sundays, for two reason - you're allowed to lounge in whatever tickles your fancy and pancakes/icecream/cakes are prefectly acceptable breakfast options. Yeah so today is technically Saturday....but there's nothing to do, the weathers crap and I was craving pancakes and melted chocolate!

I think Dapper Kid is also a total Sunday person...but he looks effortlessly cool in loungewear though whereas I look like a mismatched mess! I'm a total pyjama fiend, but never manage to wear matching ones. They're almost all pink though so I get away with it most of the time :)

Editted at add:

Comfort over style today because Bob Snufflekins is going slightly crazy, I think his new litter granules have made him lose the plot. He's running round like a posessed bugs bunny and has taken to lying down in his litter tray everytime my back's turned!!

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