Thursday, 10 July 2008


Work issues are still unresolved, infact they're getting worse. I was psyching myself up for today's meeting and now I have another one tomorrow morning. I know that going into work is going to feel like I'm going to war, me against them.

As a kid, getting ready for war (against a real enemy or a joint figment of imagination) meant comfy trainers to make a quick getaway and the tattiest, comfiest joggers and tshirt for ease of movement. These days, I'll either just throw something comfy on or go to the other extreme. There's nothing better than stomping around in fuck-me-boots and weighing yourself down with serious hardwear - I love layering a ton of necklaces and chucking a few huge cuffs on my arm. The shorts were a result of some retail therapy, you like?

Shorts - Topshop, Boots - NL, Tshirt - American Apparel, Waistcoat - H&M
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