Wednesday, 9 July 2008

99 problems and a bitch aint one...

Jay Z video is on tv at the moment, it's pretty apt.....

OK so ur plodding along nicely in life, pretty content at how things are going then BAM! Outta nowhere something comes and collides with your happy existance, sending off a whirlwind which ruins everything in its path. Ok I might be a tad dramatic, but I'm just ARGH! I need to scream!

I was off ill on Tuesday and while I was innocently wrapped up in a duvet popping pills and having chicken soup, my stupid totally-on-a-power-trip manager goes though my emails, deems me to be in breach of the email policy for sending too many personal emails, tells one of the directors and prints off every email for the last month as well as the email policy as well as a letter demanding an investigatory meeting which they only give me 24 hours notice for.

Ok fair enough I've sent personal emails while at work, but so does everyone. Why pick on me? I have always been 100% on top of my work, sailed through every review and passed my probation with flying colours. And a large proportion of those so-called personal emails are to our web design agency, advertising sources and advertising agency!!

Rant over! When I'm stressed I always dress in a default outfit, jeans and a slouchy jumper in this case. And heels of course. What's your default outfit?

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