Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It's soooo not going to happen...

Ok, in addition to my constant lateness, I'm a bad packer. It's not that I pack stupid things like ski goggles for a beach holiday. Though I probably would if I had a bigger's more that I pack wayyyy too much stuff. As in I always have to pay excess baggage and beg my travel companions for extra room in their case. A typical suitcase would consist of: 3 flats, 2 boots, 3 going out heels and 3 more anytime heels...with 4/5 shorts and skirts, at least 10 tops, 7 dresses a few jumpers...the list goes on!

This time though, it's not gonna happen. I booked a short getaway to Italy for myself and The Boy, we only have hand luggage allowance and he's going to be a complete space-Nazi, he's refusing to share his case with me!! The thought of going home and trying to decide what to pack, or more importantly what not to pack, is filling me with dread. Everything seems so essential!!
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