Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I just nipped out of the office to grab a quick maccy ds for lunch (yes, terribly unhealthy) and I spotted at least 4 walking fashion faux pas. Had I not been driving, I would have snapped the evidence. My 5 minute drive was horrific, one girl looked like someone puked up a floresent pink leopard over her outfit, I kid thee not!

I know fashion is about individualism and the world would be a boring place if we all dressed the same, but still....do these people not have mirrors?! After all, fashion and clothing are consumed publically so other people will be forced to stare at your eyesores. Saying that though, I'm often stared at as I go about my daily business. What's so wierd about electric blue tights, bubblegum pink wedges and an almost tutu? People wouldn't so much as bat an eyelid in London, but in this small town (actually it's a city..) I'm made to feel like a three-legged freakish eyesore.

Maybe I'm in good company, the wonderfully well-presented Queen Michelle actually got called an eyesore pretty much to her face. I, personally, think that her outfit was fabulously awesome, and can only imagine what the sauage roll eating critic looked like (Kappa-clad, gold soveriegned pram face, incase you were wondering). Being the complete opposite, maybe the Sausage roll eating critic's remarks should actually be seen as praise? After all, I'm sure Queen Michelle wouldn't be too pleased to have gotten the critic's approval.
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