Monday, 4 December 2017

Outfit Post: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I'm back! After what seems like a lifetime of carefree days frolicking in the equatorial sunshine, I've finally returned home. Spending time in Tanzania and Kenya has been magical and it was the perfect tonic to what was ailing me; nothing heals me more than being near the ocean and feeling the sun hit my skin. I've returned feeling nurtured by my adventures and with a heart which is beaming and full. I'm going to write about my adventures this month, but in the meantime, we have some serious business to attend to - Christmas! 

I feel like I timed my break perfectly. There is zero time for post-holiday blues when London has had a liberal sprinkling of the Christmas spirit while I've been away! This time of year is when London is at it's best - the nights are drawing in, everything seems cosier and the city is illuminated by a million twinkling stars. Everyone is in jolly spirits. It's the rare time of year when you could possibly strike up a conversation with a fellow Londoner without being met with a scowl! 

I really love Christmas. Not for turkey, gifts or Santa; it's just a great excuse to get people together. I've returned from my trip with a calendar full of brunchs, drinks and dinners for the festive season and I could not be happier. I have to confess that I'm often hard to pin down in between work, blogging and other side projects, sometimes my social life suffers as a result. December is the one month where it becomes a priority as events and work winds down for the year. Now is the time to let my hair down and shake a leg. 

I'm so excited to embrace the festive season that I'm kicking it off in this all red outfit. My chic take on a Mrs Claus get up. Red is one of my favourite colours to wear during party season, it stands out in a sea of LBDs and it always makes me feel super confident. I think it really works with my darker hair too, which is a bonus. If you're fretting about what to wear during the Christmas party season, I'll be sharing my favourite party pieces to keep you looking fly, so keep an eye on the blog! 

Jumper - M&S
Trousers - ASOS
Ankle Cuffs - eBay
Shoes - Jimmy Choo (similar)

Photography by Adorngirl


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Outfit Post: Shoot Your Shot

There are five weeks left of 2017. FIVE weeks! This year has flown by so quickly, it's almost a little sickening. Time only seems to go faster as the years go by and this year has been a total blur, punctuated with some really great moments along the way. Admittedly 2017 didn't get off to the best start for me but as we approach the end of the year, I've started to reflect on how it's unfolded. I've grown, learnt, achieved, seen more of the world and most importantly, created great memories with my loved ones. On the whole, I'm pretty happy with how 2017 has progressed. 

So, five weeks till we roll into 2018. Much like seeing the glass as half full or half empty, how you see the next 35 days is completely up to you. Do you see the year as a done deal or do you still see an opportunity to make changes? I'm an optimist who tends to see possibilities rather than problems, so I am most definitely the latter. The way I see it, you still have 35 days left to shoot your shot. It's never too late to make a change or set the wheels in motion. Shifting your mentality to see the next five weeks as a potential for change is so empowering. 

I'm not really one for new year's resolutions; any time is a good time to set a goal or intention. It doesn't have to be at the beginning of the year or month. January 1st wasn't my fresh start; I've had a dozen fresh starts throughout the year, as and when my circumstances have called for them. Each day brings with it a new set of possibilities. 

I'm a little coy about sharing the things I wish to achieve by the end of this year, but I'm making improvements to my health, career and blog as well as focusing on making some fun memories to end the year on a high. What are you hoping to achieve by the end of this year? 

Dress - Religion
Boots - Dune (similar)
Bag - Chloe

Photography by Adorngirl

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Jambo, Zanzibar

Today, I fly back to East Africa - it's safe to say it has stolen my heart. This time, I'm flying to Dar Es Salaam for a brief visit before hopping over to the island paradise of Zanzibar to take in the white sand beaches and turquoise waters as well as the historic beauty of Stone Town. I'm going to round off my trip by heading back to Kenya to catch up with some friends on Lamu Island, my beloved little isle on the border of Somalia. Keep up to date with my travels on Instagram

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Outfit Post: How To Wear Vinyl Pants

You're never truly alone. Literally as well as philosophically! Thanks to the little device that's never far from your hand, we're all hyper-connected during our waking hours which can either be a blessing or...not. I'm the first person to admit I have a serious phone addiction but as a blogger, it's partly par for the course. It's part of my job to tweet and Instagram as well as answer emails. This year, I wanted to reduce my addiction to my phone and while I still bookend my day by scanning through my social media feeds, I'm much better at switching off than I was six months ago. 

There are times when your phone can be a lifeline though. Despite living in London for nearly a decade, CityMapper is a total godsend. And I would much rather keep on top of my emails on the go than come back to inbox armageddon when I'm back to my laptop. I suffer from insomnia and it's nice to be able to catch up with friends abroad when I can't sleep and I love getting people's opinions on the go - especially when I'm shopping alone. 

This is exactly what I did a couple of months ago when I popped into Topshop after a meeting and documented my shopping trip on Instagram Stories. I tried on a handful of cute dresses, a couple of cosy jumpers, some velvet flares and...some vinyl pants. Oh, those vinyl pants. Who knew a pair of trousers could be so divisive?! My IG inbox was inundated with positive and negative reactions. No one minced their words, they were either VERY for or VERY against. The strong opinions left me in a bit of a conundrum; who do I listen to? 

Actually, it wasn't that big a conundrum. As soon as I slipped them on I felt like a total badass so of course, I bought them. While I love hearing other people's views, especially when it comes to fashion, I always go with my gut instinct. I'm the only one who's going to wear the item of clothing in question so the only thing that matters is that I love it. I'm pretty sure this is why Polonius said: "To thine own self to true".  Solid sartorial advice from Shakespeare. 

The conundrum about how to style them was also pretty straightforward; vinyl pants are surprisingly good and look great thrown on with a tee and some sneakers AND dressed up with heels. I've been wearing them a lot over the past few weeks and my favourite way to style them is with a killer heel (quelle surprise) and a fluffy jumper. I really like the contrast in textures between the smooth, sleek vinyl and a soft jumper. I really love this look and think it would even consider those naysayers to give vinyl a whirl. 

Coat - Mango (similar)
Jumper - Monki 
Trousers - Topshop
Heels - Jimmy Choo
Bag - Jimmy Choo (similar)

Photography by Adorngirl


Friday, 10 November 2017

Outfit Post: An Ode to Hoodie Season

Palace hoodie and over the knee boots worn by fashion blogger Reena Rai

I love that hoodies have become as much a part of Autumn as falling leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes and hygge. Hoodie season is the one thing that gives me literal comfort from the drop in temperature and darker evenings, there's nothing better than snuggling into a soft, welcoming oversized hoodie to keep the winter chill at bay. It's all the better if you have a bae to steal...I mean borrow...said hoodie from. For some reason, men's clothing is much comfier than women's and they're so much nicer to shrug on in the winter months. Since I've found myself bae-less this season, I had to bite the bullet and invest in my own Palace hoodie. 

And honestly, it's been the most cost-effective AW17 purchase I've made. I used to steal...I mean borrow...hoodies to snuggle up indoors but I'm loathed to take mine off so it's now part of my everyday wardrobe. Considering I last wore a hoodie in public circa 2003, it's safe to say it's not part of my regular sartorial repertoire. Comfort and practicality rarely factor into my decision-making process when I get dressed in the morning. I'm the girl with 5" heels surgically attached to her feet and often refusing to bundle into a big, warm coat because my outfit is too cute to hide. 

Palace hoodie and over the knee boots worn by fashion blogger Reena Rai

So how did I do a 180 and embrace a practical piece of clothing? For me, the "trick" has been staying true to my personal style. On occasion, I'll shrug a hoodie on with boyfriend jeans and trainers, embracing my tomboy tendencies but most of the time I'll throw it over something unexpected like a Vivienne Westwood dress or a pair of subtle over-the-knee pink satin boots. I tend to dress up even if I dress down! 

You may remember a post I wrote a few months ago, where I discussed the democratisation of fashion and how style isn't dictated anymore; inspiration can come from anywhere. I explained how - and why - my style has evolved to blend streetwear with fashion. That mash up is so evident in this post, the mix of the Balenciaga-esque shocking pink OTK boots and the hoodie from Palace - a cult skate brand that I'm utterly obsessed with. I really love feeling free and confident enough in my style to switch my style up and throw surprising combinations together. Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all! 

Palace hoodie and over the knee boots worn by fashion blogger Reena Rai

Palace hoodie

Palace hoodie and over the knee boots worn by fashion blogger Reena Rai

Hoodie - Palace
Jumper dress - LOTD (similar)
Boots - ASOS (similar)

Photography by Adorngirl

Palace hoodie
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