Thursday, 13 December 2018

Hola, Cuba!

I feel like I've been talking about this non-stop for the last week or so but just in case you missed it, I'm currently on a plane on the way to sunny Cuba! I'm spending the next three weeks here, exploring everywhere from Havana to Baracoa via Santiago, Cienfuegos, Remedios, Cayo Santa Maria and Vinales.

I remember shooting this look months ago in a car park in Peckham. I've never been to Cuba before but the cool turquoise and zingy yellow just screamed "Havana" to me. I feel so blessed that just a few months later, I'll be seeing Cuba for myself and spending Christmas and New Year exploring a new country. 

The internet situation is a little ropey to say the least but you *should* be able to keep up to date with my adventures on Instagram and I have a weekly post going live every Monday. 


Monday, 10 December 2018

Christmas Party Dress Edit 2018

It's time to get your glad rags on, Christmas party season is upon us. For someone who gleefully gives parties, clubs and large gathering a swerve for the majority of the year, I'm surprisingly eager and enthusiastic about the festivities. Everything from group dinners to work parties and black tie balls are a great excuse to shrug off the boyfriend jeans and oversized jumpers and into something a little more fun. I've rounded up my edit of the BEST Christmas party dresses on the high street.

Dress - Warehouse x Ashish | Heels - Gianvito Rossi (similar)

Photography by Kylie Eyra


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Why You Should Be Kind To Yourself This Festive Season

Ah, December. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...the John Lewis advert, presents, parties Rudolf and all of the fun and festivities! Even if you're not a huge fan of Christmas itself, I think everyone enjoys letting loose at the end of the year. Unless you're a content creator, that is. Rather than seeing this month as a home run, this time of year seems to exacerbate stress and guilt over all of the things you have left to achieve by the end of the year. 

I've noticed a fair few tweets on my timeline panicking about only having 20-odd days left to achieve a never-ending list of blog posts, shoots, campaigns and content. I've said it many times before but being a content creator is a graft. Especially if you're a 'weekend creator' who also works fulltime. I don't know about you but I feel like I'm in a constant state of juggling my ever-growing to-do list and feeling wracked with guilt about all the things I haven't done yet. 

But enough is enough. Instead of letting anxiety and my inner critic rule and spending the last few weeks of the year burning out trying to achieve everything I set out to do, I’m going to sit back and give myself props for everything I HAVE achieved this year. It’s not very British to admit this but I’ve been working my ass off this year and I have some amazing achievements under my belt. I’ve also seen some of my favourite bloggers working their socks off to achieve incredible things, whether it’s winning awards, working on amazing campaigns, writing books or simply upping their blog game. So why are we beating ourselves up instead of celebrating our successes? Why let a handful of outstanding items taint all of the things we've worked hard to achieve? 

It's hard to focus on what you have achieved and celebrate your success as we live in a society of overachieving and trying to have it all. We wear “stress” and “busy” as a badge of honour. I'm slowly learning that busy ≠ good. Instead of aiming for a life which is bursting at the seams, we should allow ourselves time to pause and celebrate each step towards a goal rather than ticking something off the list only to move straight to the next task. If you don't stop to appreciate your work, you won't find happiness, contentment or joy in what you do. 

This doesn't mean stop setting yourself goals or dial down your ambition, it's just being realistic about your goals and being able to hit pause without being wracked with guilt. I put together a couple of tips to tick off a couple of projects on your to-do list while keeping your sanity over the festive season: 

  1. Set goals...but be realistic. Would you rather do things or do them well?
  2. Prioritise your mental health. Giving yourself an evening, day or even week off when you need it will do you the world of good. 
  3. Remind yourself what you've already achieved this year. 

My most important piece of advice is: give yourself time to let your hair down. Be kind to yourself, take the pressure off and let yourself have fun. 

Co-ord - Missguided | Coat - Max Mara | Bag - Miu Miu | Heels - ASOS (similar)

Photography by Kylie Eyra

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Edit: Over The Knee Boots

Ah, autumn, why you so pretty? The falling golden leaves, the twinkling Christmas lights, the cosy nights in, it's the prettiest of the four seasons by far. There's a huge tree outside my bedroom window and one of my favourite things is watching the leaves turn from crisp green to deep amber then fall from the branches. It reminds me of this quote, "The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let dead things go". I see it as an annual reminder to that what's gone is gone and to stop looking back. 

Pretty leaves and deep meanings aside, one of my favourite signs of autumn are over the knee boots. After fashion week has gone, I secretly wish for the temperature to drop just a little so I can justify wearing my OTK boots. They're a relatively recent addition to my winter arsenal, I bought a pair of pink satin over the knee boots last year and followed this up with a show-stopping sequin pair. I also wrote about the downside to wearing OTK boots on the blog too. Spoiler: The only downside is men's inability to act like a normal, respectful human being around a woman who wears over the knee boots! 

Despite the catcalling and unwanted male attention, I still love OTK boots. I bought this snakeskin pair a couple of months ago from Mango and I've worn them to death. I always feel powerful, sassy and confident when I wear OTK boots. They're real "fuck you boots". It's amazing how a simple pair of boots can transform your whole attitude. Also...I prefer to style my boots with something oversized and comfy which is ideal for this time of year. I have a huge collection of jumper dresses which I just throw on with the boots. Easy! 

Cardigan - Lasula | Dress - LNA | Boots - Mango

Photography by Kylie Eyra

I wanted to share an edit of my favourite OTK from the high street. As much as I love designer boots from the likes of Stuart Weitzman, my winter boots always get wrecked due to the weather so I think the high street is your best bet. *contains affiliate links*


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Five Shopping Hacks for Black Friday 2018

Unless you've been unplugged and put in rice for the last few days, you'll know that Black Friday is fast approaching. This year, retailers have really doubled down on their adoption of the American custom. Black Friday is traditionally celebrated a day after Thanksgiving, retailers kick off the Christmas shopping season with a day of discounts to encourage people to get spending. This year, UK retailers are starting early and extending discounts for a couple of days...which means you should absolutely NOT shop until your favourite shops are on sale.

The words 'Black Friday' conjure up scrum-like images of shoppers clambering over each other for a bargain and fist fights over a flatscreen tv. It all seems very uncivilised, the best way to make the most of Black Friday is with a cup of tea in front of your laptop. I'm sharing my five shopping hacks to help you get the most out of Black Friday, without missing out on what you really need:

1. Make a list
It's so easy to get carried away during the sales and end up with things that you will never wear or use. I can hold my hands up to that, I once bought a pink sequin skirt in a flurry of sale shopping! Whether you're getting a headstart on Christmas gifts or treating yourself, it's best to make a list. I prefer to keep it quite broad to start with. For example, I know that I want to buy a book and some grooming products for my brother, but I'll find the exact products as I browse.

If you're treating yourself, give my wardrobe a once-over to see if there is anything that you're missing. I'm keeping my eye out for black cowboy boots, lightweight oversized jumpers and dresses for wearing with OTK boots. Having a broad idea helps to narrow down what you're looking for without completely restricting you.

2. Have a reccy
Once you have a list in mind, have a reccy to find the exact products ahead of Black Friday. This way, you can get straight down to business as soon as the sale goes live. You can add products to your wishlist, add it to your bookmarks or save to your Pinterest board.

3. Set a budget
Ok I'm in 'mum mode' but it's important to set a budget so you don't go too crazy. Find a 20% off code for that Saint Laurent bag that you've had your eye on all season might seem like a sign from the shopping Gods but do you want to blow your budget on one piece when Christmas is just around the corner. I set a budget for each person I'm buying a Christmas gift for as well as myself! This will also help to stop you from getting swept up into 'sale mania' and buying just because something has been reduced.

4. Stalk your faves
Now that you have a list of what you're after, some products that you must have and a budget, all you need to know is when the sales are starting. If you haven't already, sign up to email newsletters and follow them on social media so you don't miss the sale announcement.

5. Block out some time
This might seem a little extreme but I usually block out some shopping time in my diary to make sure I can go through my list and pick up the items I really need. Ok...want. Whether it's an early morning scout over a cuppa, a quick lunchtime peruse or an evening browse, set some time aside to check whether the pieces you're after are on sale and snap them up before it's too late!

Oh the cardinal rule of sale shopping - if you didn't want it full price, it's not a bargain. Don't let the sales trick you into buying something unnecessarily just because it's cheap!

Here are a list of retailers and their discounts:

Selfridges - up to 20% off

French Connection - up to 50% off - ends Monday 26th Nov

Topshop - up to 50% off everything - ends Monday 26th Nov

Miss Pap - up to 50% off - Friday 23rd Nov/Monday 26th Nov

Boohoo - up to 50% off everything - Thursday 22nd Nov to Monday 26th Nov

Nastygal - 50% off everything excl. sale - ends Monday 26th Nov. Enter OHSNAP at checkout.

NA-KD - 25% off everything - ends Monday 26th Nov

Beauty Bay - up to 30% off - ends Monday 26th Nov

Monica Vinader - 30% off everything - ends Monday 26th Nov
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